One of the most automated and efficient lines in the world for producing and packaging tortilla wraps

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Dozens of production lines

Our client Poco Loco is constantly optimising their production lines for producing and packaging tortilla wraps by evaluating new technologies and ideas. IntOCon is very closely involved in this process and constantly thinks along to design the lines as efficient, compact and ergonomic as possible. Meanwhile, Poco Loco relies on dozens of IntOCon lines in different plants.

Voorbeeld van productielijn bij Poco Loco
productielijn met automatisch proces

Fully automated process

The stacks of wraps are fed automatically via two channels from the IntOCon custom-made buffer to the thermoforming packaging machines. The packed wraps are then singulated from two tracks to a single track to be transported to quality checks (gas leakage, metal, weight).

Should the packages deviate from the specifications, they are automatically removed from the line by custom-made rejection stations.

The good products continue under an angle to a higher belt to the zone for packing into cardboard boxes. No manual interventions are involved in this entire process. The entire stainless steel structure to which all conveyors are fitted was also designed and supplied by IntOCon. The Technical Engineering Manager speaks of “One of the most automated and efficient lines in the world for producing and packing tortilla wraps”.

Reworking of side streams

The ecological footprint is of utmost importance to Poco Loco (Paulig) and IntOCon. For this reason, a solution was jointly developed to rework side streams within the production process. This concerns, for example, wraps that deviate from the desired shape but still are perfect raw materials. These wraps are milled and then automatically added back to the dough. This way, the raw materials are used efficiently and optimally.

zijstroom in de productielijn voor wraps die afwijken van gewenste vorm

Poco Loco testifies

The company Poco Loco, part of Paulig since 2010, produces tortilla wraps and chips. Paulig has more than 2,300 employees in 13 different countries. In 2021, a new factory was built in Roeselare, once more equipped with automation from IntOCon. The three sites in Roeselare employ 750 people.

Mr Rik Vandenbroucke, Technical Engineering Manager at Poco Loco, explains how the cooperation with IntOCon began and how it has grown over the years:

“20 years ago, we had the first contacts with IntOCon for a few minor adjustments to the production lines in order to further automate. Very soon we saw the superior quality of the conveyor systems and machines. The IntOCon products are perfect: well thought of to run 24/7 without breakdowns and excellently finished. I call them ‘elegant’ solutions. Where we started with smaller installations, today we work together on the big projects, where entire production lines are designed. Together, we look for solutions that seem impossible at first glance. This is what makes the cooperation so fascinating. IntOCon thinks along and makes suggestions so that nothing is overlooked. Bringing together IntOCon’s technical knowledge with Poco Loco’s product knowledge delivers spot-on solutions. The machines and transport systems look simple, but to get there we spent many hours working out plans together.

A big advantage is the smooth communication and direct interaction with the designers. So there are never any misunderstandings. IntOCon provides 3D drawings of the entire concept. OEM machines are also included in detail in these drawings. The drawings are clear to everyone, even for those without a technical background. You can see that everything is perfectly integrated and that the whole line will work. The safety of the entire line can also be demonstrated and proven in advance based on these drawings.

IntOCon also thinks along for solutions for reworking rejected products. This concerns, for example, wraps that deviate from the desired shape. The raw materials are valuable and are not lost. We implemented these solutions in all branches.

We aim to apply the working concepts to other production lines in order to achieve maximum standardisation. But each line is still slightly different. We are working together. IntOCon is always flexible to ensure there are no delays thanks to good communication.

If something happens what the machine does not expect, the control is fine-tuned so that production can continue with minimal actions. In other words, problems are solved. External maintenance companies also confirm that IntOCon installations are well designed and easy to work on and use.

We work with IntOCon because we have got to know their technology and we know the machines will run without breakdowns for many years. We think long term.

I dare to recommend IntOCon to anyone without fear that something will not work.”