Linking different packaging machines at a fully automatic production line for ice cream

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Reliable partner for 20 years

Over the years, in close cooperation and dialogue with the customer, IntOCon has designed and produced several customized transport solutions involving the linking of different packaging machines.

This concerns a fully integrated line where individually packed ice creams are transported to the packaging machine where they are automatically loaded into a cardboard box. The box of ice creams is then further transported to the box closing machine.

lijn met aanvoer naar verpakkingsmachine
afscherming & afschermkappen voor installaties

Safety is priority

In all IntOCon designs, safety for the operators is the main focus. Where requested, third-party installations were also adapted with safeguards and shields. Using foldaway conveyor belts replaces stairs and platforms across production lines, which is a great advantage for safety.

Ysco testifies:

Since 1949, the Belgian company YSCO produces ice cream. There are two production sites: the Belgian site at Langemark, good for 120 million liter of ice cream per year, and the French site at Argentan, good for 70 million liter of ice cream per year.

Ysco employs 1,000 people across both sites in the high season and has a turnover of €400 million.

Productiemachine in het bedrijf Ysco met werknemer Ignace

Ignace Gruwier - Operations Manager & Engineering – who has been working for Ysco for 34 years explains:

“Rapid growth in the early 1990s created the need to automate. Transport systems and logistics solutions at that time were provided by a fixed partner who then specialized more into other applications. There was a great need for customization to integrate production machines into automatic lines. In 2003, we came into contact with IntOCon who had a listening ear. Starting initially with a small conveyor belt, we moved over the years from platforms and stairs and today IntOCon delivers all custom-made transport systems to automate our production lines to the maximum.

Safety is one of Ysco’s core values. Notwithstanding the fact that we have our own technical service, IntOCon has supported Ysco with custom-made covers for all transitions between existing conveyors to ensure the safety of the operators.

Another example: to avoid stairs and platforms over the production lines, IntOCon worked out a solution where conveyor belts are hinged open to provide unlimited access between and towards the machines.

In the meantime, we have been working closely with IntOCon for 20 years. IntOCon is involved in the projects as soon as the production lines start to take shape. IntOCon listens and thinks along to create the best solution. The beautiful detailed finishing of the machines, the hygienic design, the correct delivery and the overall quality ensure durable, reliable and safe installations. The 3D ‘as built’ drawings are delivered before delivery of the installations. This is the perfect final check that nothing has been overlooked.

Even after delivery, we can count on a very reliable service. If a problem should arise at all, it is solved until everyone is satisfied.

We see IntOCon as a very reliable partner that we can recommend to anyone without any doubt.”