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In the food processing industry, every material handling transport system or customized machine is different. However, the process to arrive at a unique, smart, profitable and efficient solution is always fundamentally the same

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Feasibility study

Thorough analysis of the customer’s request is always the first important step in the process. Our experienced engineers come up with innovative designs that demonstrate the feasibility of the project. During the process, the design is presented and discussed in detail with the customer. All designs meet the latest standards within the food industry in terms of safety, hygiene and durability.


After approval of the design, we work out a detailed quotation, describing the integrated components, construction and operation of the technical solution. For more complex machines or installations, the functionalities are made clear by means of drawings.


3D representation solution

After approval of the quotation, when developing the technical solution, we make 3D drawings of the installation. The complete flow of the products is visualized. The 3D drawings are also crucial to ensure seamless integration when the IntOCon transport solutions are integrated into a layout with special machines, such as packaging or control machines.

Assembly & training of the operators

After production of the components, all machines or lines are assembled and tested in a specially equipped workshop to ensure perfect operation. Only after this procedure, our service team installs and commissions the installation at the customer’s production facility. At that time, training is given on the set-up, functionality and operation of the installation. Instructions on how to clean and maintain the lines are part of the training.



Smart hygienic designs for maximum safety, ergonomics and operational reliability. Core values of "zero waste" and "no product on the floor" ensure utmost productivity and cost-efficient production processes.
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Given the wide range in which we operate, there are hardly ever two identical projects. Our mission is to listen and understand perfectly what you require from the installation. Then we design and produce well thought solutions that add value, precisely tailored to your specific needs.
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Food processing solutions

Through years of experience and expertise in the food processing industry, renowned processors keep coming back to IntOCon with new challenges. We also create solutions for start-ups where food safety and optimal product flow are key. All machines are made in high quality stainless steel with an ultimate level of finishing.
Our solutions in stainless steel

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