General construction

IntOCon handles general construction, such as hygienic platforms, stairs, hoppers, funnels etc. These are designed using 3D software (Solid Edge) down to the smallest details, ensuring seamless integration into the existing production environment.

Benefits of general construction built by IntOCon

checkmark Unique design, custom-built structures for seamless integration of OEM machines
checkmark Save time and money through reduced cleaning times
checkmark Specially designed and built to meet strict hygiene requirements in the food industry
checkmark Robust and safe constructions tailored to your situation

Why choose general construction from IntOCon

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Reliable and safe

We design, build and install unique and robust platforms and stairs that are perfectly installed around and above existing facilities. Safety for operators is paramount. Structures are manufactured with precision in IntOCon's workshop and integrated with OEM specialty machines.

Adapted to OEM machines

IntOCon custom structures are designed to seamlessly integrate OEM machines into a production line, such as multihead weighers or vertical packaging machines. To gain space in production areas, structures are designed to be attached to the roof structure where necessary.

Shorter cleaning times

Today's hygiene standards demand fully cleanable installations. The open structure of IntOCon's customized structures guarantee quick and easy access for minimum cleaning time. In the case of hoppers or other components, where food comes into direct contact with the stainless steel, the surface is blasted with sophisticated technology for an extremely smooth and even finish.

High quality stainless steel

Customized structures are made of high-quality stainless steel. Where operators are operating, a custom non-skid stainless steel surface is used.

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