Custom-made machines

Our engineering department designs solutions for your specific requests, in the field of conveyor systems, but also in the field of general material handling. Automation and integration of various production processes around buffering, packaging, filling, weighing, etc., are part of our expertise.

Destackers and fillers Discover Destackers and fillers
Spiraal toren
Spiral towers Discover Spiral towers
Machine met operatoren voor bokalen
Unique machine for filling and closing jars Discover Unique machine for filling and closing jars
Automatische productielijn bij Calibra
Production lines for prepared meals Discover Production lines for prepared meals
Buffer systems Discover Buffer systems

Benefits of custom built machines by IntOCon

checkmark Modular flexible design, customized parts for a variety of packaging or products
checkmark Save time and money through shorter cleaning times
checkmark Specially designed and built to meet strict hygiene requirements in the food industry
checkmark Minimum number of parts allowing greater operational reliability
checkmark Low cost of ownership
checkmark Robust and safe production machines tailored to your application
checkmark Reliable and efficient tailor-made machines
checkmark Easy-to-maintain customized machines

Why choose a custom built machines by IntOCon

Reliable and safe

We custom design, build and install unique, efficient and safe machines that meet our customer’s expectations. Safety for operators and safety for product are paramount. All components are manufactured with precision in IntOCon's workshop and integrated with OEM specialty machines to work flawlessly in a 24/7 production environment.


IntOCon custom machines are designed to be usable for a wide variety of products or packaging. Adjustable guides with size markings, specially designed and customized holders according to package size and shape allow for swift changeover and flexible production.

Shorter cleaning times

Today's hygiene standards demand fully cleanable installations. The open structure of IntOCon's customized machines combined with flip-open safety guards guarantee quick and easy access for minimum cleaning time.

High quality components

The structures of all our customized machines are made of high-quality stainless steel. All components are selected for their high quality and are suitable for food processing. Conveyors are driven by high quality energy-efficient motors, resulting in superior, cost-effective solutions. All designs strive to minimize parts for guaranteed continuous operation.

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