Conveyor systems

IntOCon has now designed and built hundreds of conveyors for the food processing industry, including PVC, PU, rubber, and modular conveyors. Each design is based on the pillars of safety for operators, safety for the products, and “zero product waste,” combined with a beautiful aesthetic and ergonomic finish.

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Benefits of a conveyor system designed by IntOCon

checkmark Modular design, customized conveyors for any application
checkmark Save time and money through reduced cleaning times
checkmark Specially designed and built to meet the strict hygiene requirements in the food industry
checkmark Fewer parts resulting in greater operational reliability
checkmark Low cost of ownership
checkmark Robust and durable conveying systems
checkmark Reliable and efficient modular conveyors
checkmark Easy to maintain conveyors

Why choose conveyor systems from IntOCon?

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Reliable and efficient

We design, build and install highly efficient conveyor systems that meet the most stringent requirements in the food industry. All components are designed or integrated with precision to work flawlessly in a 24/7 production environment.


IntOCon conveyors can be used as a stand-alone system or can be perfectly integrated into production processes with continuous feeding or discharge of products or packaging. Depending on the application, the conveyors are designed with variable speed or are controlled by sensors.

Shorter cleaning times

Today's hygiene standards demand fully cleanable installations. The open structure of IntOCon conveying systems combined with fold away conveying belts guarantees quick and easy access for minimum cleaning time.

High quality components

The structures of all our conveyors are made of high-quality stainless steel. The modular plastic belts are suitable for food production. All conveyors are driven by high quality energy-efficient motors, resulting in superior, cost-effective solutions. All designs strive to minimize parts for guaranteed continuous operation.

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