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IntOCon relies on years of expertise with both the leading renowned food processing companies and start-ups to work out smart solutions in terms of internal transport systems, integration of handling and packaging machines or unique custom made machines that are not available anywhere else on the market. Here, the design and finish of the installations exceed the high requirements that are standard today in terms of safety for operators and products.

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Conveyor systems

IntOCon has now designed and built hundreds of conveyors for the food processing industry, including PVC, PU, rubber, and modular conveyors. Each design is based on the pillars of safety for operators, safety for the products, and "zero product waste," combined with a beautiful aesthetic and ergonomic finish.

Custom-made machines

Our engineering department designs solutions for your specific requests, in the field of conveyor systems, but also in the field of general material handling. Automation and integration of various production processes around buffering, packaging, filling, weighing, etc., are part of our expertise.

General construction

IntOCon handles general construction, such as hygienic platforms, stairs, hoppers, funnels etc. These are designed using 3D software (Solid Edge) down to the smallest details, ensuring seamless integration into the existing production environment.

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