From engineering to service
Together we find the solution to your needs

Find out here how we work with our customers to think about the best solution for your custom-made machine.

Analysis of the challenge

Every project starts with listening very carefully! What is expected, what should the line or machine be able to do, are there problems with the current installation, what is the cause and what are the desires? Visiting the customer for detailed analysis of both the processes and the products involved, is the standard procedure.

Designing the solution

The engineering team works out a solution and corresponding proposal once all parameters are clarified. This proposal is presented and further modified if additional requirements are made. Once the proposal is approved, the commercial agreements are defined.


The engineers convert the proposal into detailed 3D drawings (Solid Edge). This gives a perfect understanding of what the transport system or food processing machine will look like. It allows visualisation of all transitions with existing or newly integrated production machines.


All components of the conveyors or machines are manufactured in-house. We have modern state-of-the-art machinery for this purpose. We can turn, mill, bend, laser cut and weld. The surface of the parts is finished in the glass blasting cabin or the Pure Finish cabin for the highest quality finishing.


We assemble the complete system in a specially designated separate assembly hall. High-quality specialist components are integrated with the parts that are made in-house. The entire line or machine is tested down to the last detail. This guarantees a flawless assembly, start-up and operation at the customer’s site.

After-sales service

Our robust conveyor systems or custom-made machines require little maintenance. Should there still be an issue, we take responsibility and solve it to everyone’s satisfaction.

Is there anything we can do for you?

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