Doubling of production, buffering and storage capacity of cheese moulds for the production of Flandrien cheese

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Spintocon Duo

IntOCon initially designed and supplied the installation for the complete logistic transport of press barrels, press lids and circulation barrels. After washing, all barrels are buffered before being used for the next production run. To buffer the large number of barrels, a custom-made double spiral tower was built: the “Spintocon Duo”.

Doubling of the production capacity in height

In a second phase, capacity was doubled in the existing limited space. To stock all components and respect the necessary rest time, the logistics transport system was fully customised by IntOCon and extended in height. Vertical transports load 4 levels. Handling to and from all these conveyors is done via numerous sensors, pushers and lifting systems, with a large number of critical intersections along the way.

Flandrien Kaas testifies

Flandrien Kaas, based in Wervik, is the fourth largest producer of cheese in Belgium. With a team of 30 people, it produces 2 million kg of cheese a year using traditional methods.

Jan Desmet, CEO, talks about his experience with IntOCon:

“To guarantee the quality of our cheese, we make our cheeses using traditional methods. The challenge was to scale up this craft so that more people can enjoy our delicious cheese. The first step was in 2012 where we worked with the local partner IntOCon for the whole internal logistics to have the press barrels, lids and circulation barrels in the right place at the right time in the process. And this with minimal manual handling. An additional challenge was the limited space. To store the large number of drums after the washer, a custom-made double spiral tower was developed. We are very satisfied with the installation and the hygienic design. Operators appreciate the accessibility and cleanability of the many hundreds of metres of conveyor systems.

The expansion to double production by 2020 was even more challenging. IntOCon was very creative to work out the internal logistics in height. Every cubic centimetre of the available space was used. There are hundreds of components that need to work together. After adjustment, the line works perfectly.

We will, without a doubt, knock on IntOCon’s door for a next extension and we can recommend IntOCon to everyone without any hesitation.”