Saving operators by automatically filling and closing jars with metal clips

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From 6 operators to 2

IntOCon is a specialist in the design and manufacture of unique customized machines, that do not yet exist on the market, but lead to very large savings for the user. For example, a machine was designed to automate a manual process: filling jars (incl. lid and metal clips) with butter, placing the lid, sealing by closing the metal clips and applying a label. Where previously 6 operators were necessary, there are now only 2 operators needed for loading the machine with the jars. The compact size of the machine also saves on space.


Increased production capacity

Because the jars are fed into the machine at a fixed and high rhythm, the production capacity is about 50% higher compared to the former manual process. This combined with the savings in the number of operators guarantees a very quick payback.

Flexible for different types of jars

The machine is designed in such way that it can be used flexible and with a swift changeover time for different types and sizes of jars. The calibers in which the jars are held in a fixed position can be exchanged without tools.